JEA is broken.

Our electric utility regularly mismanages customer money, resulting in higher prices for customers and valuable dollars flushed down the drain. It’s time to fix JEA now!

How has JEA failed us? JEA put its customers at risk by shelling out $7.5 million to reserve the option of buying ownership interest in a Duke Energy nuclear plant located in South Carolina. Duke Energy recently announced it was abandoning the plant, meaning JEA customers might never get that money back. More of our hard earned money down the drain.

JEA has consistently endangered its customers and left them at risk for even higher power rates than they already pay. JEA needs to be fixed or Jacksonville should get out of the electricity business altogether.

A Record of Failure

Bond rating downgraded by Standard & Poor’s

Wasted $7.5 million on a failed nuclear plant in South Carolina

Consistently higher prices for businesses and families

News and Updates

November 29, 2017

Statement from Fix JEA Now.

FIX JEA NOW CALLS FOR STUDY TO BE CONDUCTED BY INDEPENDENT EXPERT WITH FULL TRANSPARENCY Today JEA Board Member Tom Petway announced his resignation and called for a valuation of JEA’s assets on the open market along with an assessment of whether JEA’s customers would be better served by the private market. Mr. Petway pointed to the fact that much has changed over the last 49 years since the utility was created and that the […]
November 14, 2017

Press Release

Fix JEA Now and Community Leaders Meet to Hold JEA Accountable, Address Mismanagement Impact on Customers Jacksonville, FL – Yesterday, Fix JEA Now, a community based group focused on Jacksonville’s electric rates and reliability, convened a group of over 20 community leaders to discuss multiple concerns with JEA that have recently come to light through articles by the Jacksonville Times-Union. “We can’t expect to correct the mismanagement of JEA if we don’t come together and […]