Statement from Fix JEA Now.
November 29, 2017

Press Release

Fix JEA Now and Community Leaders Meet to Hold JEA Accountable, Address Mismanagement Impact on Customers

Jacksonville, FL – Yesterday, Fix JEA Now, a community based group focused on Jacksonville’s electric rates and reliability, convened a group of over 20 community leaders to discuss multiple concerns with JEA that have recently come to light through articles by the Jacksonville Times-Union.

“We can’t expect to correct the mismanagement of JEA if we don’t come together and ask the tough questions,” stated Fix JEA Now Director, Angie Nixon.

The meeting consisted of over 20 community leaders that ranged from pastors, neighborhood association presidents, nonprofit leaders, small business owners, social justice organizations and many more.

Our group is concerned with the decisions that have been made to invest money in out of state nuclear plants and the unknown impact those decisions will have on JEA customers. Particularly, the negative impact that could be borne by low-income and minority communities.